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Our team specializes in sourcing top-tier developers with the right technical skills and cultural alignment to seamlessly integrate into your projects. With Square Codex’s guidance, you can effortlessly access the talent you need to make your projects stand out!

We cultivate relationships and partner for success.

Our personalized approach attracts top talent, and companies that appreciate our tailored approach.

We’re attentive, thorough, and provide a comprehensive understanding of your needs.

Our highly responsive staff will turnaround requests to meet your deadlines.

Our clients meet deadlines faster and more successfully.

Because we deliver quality quickly, every time. Our engineers are great hires for the short or long term – satisfaction guaranteed.

Case studies

We are dedicated to achieving the best results for our clients. Find out how we have helped the world’s leading companies succeed.

Delivering Right-Fit Engineers Quickly
Highly Responsive Source of Experienced Talent
Affordable & Flexible In-House Development


Delivering Right-Fit Engineers Quickly

A fintech client had been searching for an architectural engineer for several months but struggled to find a suitable candidate. The hiring manager interviewed numerous applicants, but none met their stringent technical criteria. The role had distinctive requirements, and there was insufficient time to provide training.

Square Codex carefully assessed both technical and soft-skill requirements, ensuring alignment with the team's work and communication styles. They presented 2-3 highly qualified candidates and quickly proceeded through additional interview rounds. The company quickly found the ideal engineer, thanks to Square Codex's extensive network of thousands of well-versed candidates across Latin America.

The engineer from Square Codex proved to be an excellent match and has been with the client for over a year. Since then, the company has successfully launched numerous newfeatures and achieved their business objectives, greatly benefiting from Square Codex's staff augmentation services.

"We have worked with Square Codex for 2 years and have appreciated the support provided. The Square Codex team has been highly responsive to our requests and has consistently been there for us whenever we needed their assistance."


Highly Responsive Source of Experienced Talent

A Canadian software development agency employs Square Codex's engineers to assist in completing software projects for governmental organizations and various industries, including Telecom, Pharma, and Transportation. The company frequently requires Quality Assurance Engineers, Microsoft Dynamics specialists, Microsoft Power Platform Engineers, and DevOps Engineers for both short- and long-term positions when local talent is unavailable.

Square Codex begins by understanding the job descriptions and promptly identifies
qualified candidates within their extensive network of highly experienced engineers. The
company trusts Square Codex's responsiveness, knowing that they can secure the
required engineers whenever the need arises. Additionally, the company appreciates that Square Codex engineers, based in Latin America, operate in the same time zone as their
project team.

The company consistently achieves faster and more reliable project delivery, enjoying the advantages of an agile workforce that can effortlessly scale to meet their clients' requirements. They are highly satisfied with the quality of engineers supplied by Square Codex and have consistently requested additional engineers over the past two years.

"Our company is very happy to be working with Square Codex. There QAs do a great job and we plan to continue working with them. They are reliable and quick to provide suitable candidates that meet our project needs."


Enhancing talent capacity

A Los Angeles-based software company lacked the engineering capacity to develop upcoming features and favored in-house development over project outsourcing to maintain greater internal control. Staff augmentation would quickly offer the company additional capacity for internal feature development without incurring the high expenses associated with permanent hires.

The company decided to hire senior full stack engineers from Square Codex to develop new features and code refinement. Acquiring engineers through Square Codex presents a more cost-effective alternative to internal hiring, while also providing the flexibility to rapidly adjust the team size as needed. As a long-term client, the company continues to rely on Square Codex's services for their ongoing staffing requirements.

The company is highly satisfied with the proficiency of Square Codex's engineers and their responsiveness to the client's needs. By completing projects with internal teams more economically, the company has committed to nearshoring as an ongoing strategy, incorporating a dedicated budget for Square Codex engineers within their annual plans.

"We’ve been working with Square Codex for several years and have always found that their engineers provide excellent service. We will continue to use Square Codex services for all of our projects."

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